Caitlyn Braley


The concept for Geographers Against Death: Save A Child was inspired by a group of students at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL in the spring of 2010. After learning about the devastating effects malaria was having on children in Africa in a human geography course, students decided to raise awareness of malaria at their school and in the community as well as host fundraisers to help provide bed nets for those in need. Caitlyn and her fellow students were originally attracted to Nothing But Nets because it was so simple to save a life.

When Caitlyn went on to study for her Master’s degree at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX she took a non-profit course. As part of the course, she and her classmates decided that they wanted to have some ‘field experience’ by forming a non-profit of their own. She brought the idea of turning GADSAC, the student club, into a functioning non-profit to her classmates. They decided it would be the most practical idea, given the time restraints of only having a semester to complete the project, and who wouldn’t want to help save lives when it is so easy?

Today, the goals of GADSAC remain true to their original vision of promoting and providing means for healthy living in rural, developing areas of Africa and informing and empowering students to act and help provide sustainable development to those in need. The students who were originally involved with the formation of the GADSAC club are still involved with GADSAC, Inc. They are continuously working on recruiting new students to take up the cause and spread the word. By having student involvement GADSAC are not only encouraging students to think outwardly, but they are also spreading awareness to the future generation who can make change happen.

GADSAC is a great example of students taking on a simple mission of sending nets and saving lives and then growing it into a movement to help others in need.


Russell Johnson “Being able to combine my personal goals with Nothing But Nets is a win-win in my book."

Russell Johnson
Marathon Runner

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