Diego and Ginna Gutierrez

Hi, my name is Diego Gutierrez from Bogotá Colombia in South America, and I am a former MLS player, now working for MLS’s Philadelphia Union. My life now is a stark difference from the first 17 years from my life where I saw poverty first hand everyday living in Colombia. When my wife Ginna and I learned about the devastating effects malaria has, especially on children, we were compelled to action and teamed up with Nothing But Nets to spread the word and do all we can to encourage others to act. The fact that this terrible disease is preventable and treatable is something we found astonishing – that there are children out there dying, every 45 seconds because they don't have a simple bed net over their heads. As a soccer player, nets play an essential role in my life too, but it does not mean life or death.

My family and I teamed up with our close friend Keely Solimene to create a NETraiser team to encourage fans and people of all ages to join in the fight against malaria. Our team hosted an American Idol watch party in the Chicagoland area, encouraging people to vote and donate to Nothing But Nets during its "Idol Gives Back" two night special in 2009. This is just the start of our commitment to Nothing But Nets! Take a moment and donate to team Diego now.

Diego was recognized by MLS Commissioner Don Garber with the 2008 Commissioner's Award for his work on and off the field. See the tribute video below.


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