Nate Stafford


Nate Stafford first heard about Nothing But Nets through his local Boy Scouts group.  As part of the 100-year anniversary of scouting, the Boy Scouts of America chose to partner with Nothing But Nets to support the effort to end malaria deaths in Africa.  So Nate decided to do a “Trek for Nets” which would raise awareness about malaria.  But, instead of just a simple hike, Nate set the goal of hiking 100 miles!  He also set up a NETraiser page where supporters could donate to Nothing But Nets and help spread the buzz about his trek.

Nate hiked through his home state of North Carolina, battling cold rainy weather and fatigue, and ultimately made it all the way to his 100-mile goal.  In addition, he raised enough funds to send hundreds of life-saving bed nets.

As part of the World Malaria Day activities in 2011, Nate was featured in the Champions to End Malaria photo exhibit.  Featured with others individuals, including President George W. Bush and Rick Reilly, Nate shows that anyone can be a Champion and make a difference in the fight against malaria.

Nate has gone on to do additional fundraising, including a coin drive at his school and reaching out to friends and family.  To date, he has raised over $10,000, sending over 1,000 bed nets to families who need them.  In recognition of this accomplishment, Nate was given an award at the National Scouting Museum in Dallas, TX in the company of representatives from Boy Scouts of America and other Nothing But Nets partner organizations.

Nate continues to inspire his friends and family with his dedication to the cause and spreads the buzz to virtually everyone he encounters.


Ruth Riley “…Saving lives is not only a worthy cause in itself, but people can also have a lot of fun in the process!!”

Ruth Riley

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