Stephen Curry

Steph Curry

NBA player Stephen Curry is the kind of Nothing But Nets Champion who inspires us all to do more. The Golden State Warrior has supported the campaign since his days at Davidson College. Stephen is so dedicated to protecting families from malaria that he has pledged to send three life-saving bed nets for every three-point shot he makes during the ’12-’13 season.

Curry just broke the record of three-pointers for a single season - a record previously held by Ray Allen! With 272 shots made, he'll send 816 bed nets and 816 families will be able to fully protect their children from malaria because of his amazing talent and big heart. 

But the good won’t stop there: you can help keep families safe from malaria too! Stephen is challenging his fans to join him in helping to end preventable deaths from this deadly disease by donating just $10 to send a life-saving bed net. 

Steph Curry is committed to the fight against malaria. Will you join him? Send a net and save a life today!


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