Davidson Wildcats Save Lives at "BUZZKILL Shoot-Out"

Submitted by Andrea Gough on May 11, 2010

If anyone knows how to sink nets and save lives, it’s the Davidson College men’s basketball team. Last Saturday, the Davidson Wildcats held their second-annual ‘BUZZKILL Shoot-Out’ to raise funds and awareness for Nothing But Nets. The event, spearheaded by senior guard Bryant Barr, involved a 3-on-3 tournament and live and online auctions.

Thirty teams from the Charlotte, North Carolina area came to the tournament with funds they had raised to go toward the purchase of life-saving bed nets. More funds raised meant a higher pick in a draft of Davidson College basketball players to coach their team for the day. Former Davidson All-American and current Golden State Warrior star Stephen Curry returned to his alma mater to join the coaching line-up and save lives!

The team originally set the bar at $20,000 to beat last year’s accomplishment of $16,000 raised. This year the ‘BUZZKILL Shoot-Out’ surpassed its goal and raised more than $39,000 to send over 3,900 insecticide-treated bed nets! The men’s basketball team noted, "The people who were involved and the kids who participated in the tournament were incredible in helping with this effort, and we were able to more than double what we raised last year. We appreciate all the care, commitment and support everybody showed in making this a possibility…" and we couldn’t agree more!

But the team didn’t stop there! They have also shared their successful fundraising model with other universities so more people can join the movement to end malaria. Last month, Vanderbilt University used the ‘BUZZKILL Shoot-Out’ model to conduct their own tournament, “Dores for Nets,” which gathered 3-8 grade boys from all over Nashville to send nets and save lives while playing their favorite sport.


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Nyoul Tong promo“It’s easy to feel powerless to help. But malaria is not one of those issues: you and I have the power to end this preventable disease.”

Nyoul Tong
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