Songs in the Key of "Bzzzz"

Submitted by Hayes Brown on March 21, 2011

It turns out we’re not alone in preferring the sound of music to the sound of mosquitoes buzzing. Bill Schoening, who serves as the main announcer and “voice” of the San Antonio Spurs, inspired by his United Methodist Church, has released a new CD called Second Chance to help save lives by preventing malaria. On its four tracks, Bill belts out contemporary gospel with an eight-piece backing. Bill isn’t hoping to quit his day job to go on tour -- instead, he confesses, “My goal is not to embarrass myself musically, and to raise money for charity.”

Working in partnership with the United Methodist Church and their Imagine No Malaria initiative, Bill is donating all of the proceeds from his $10 CD to Nothing But Nets! Bill shared with us what inspires him to give back: “In 2005 I had what could best be described as a spiritual renewal, and that has allowed me to meet some people who are truly inspiring in the way they consistently give their time, talents, and money and rarely ask for anything in return.” Bill’s personal journey prompted him to dedicate his album to giving families in Africa a second chance with life-saving bed nets. To purchase his CD, check out the Bethany United Methodist Church’s website!


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