World Mosquito Day: Are you sending nets and saving lives?

Submitted by Jenna Sauber on August 20, 2009

During the hot, sticky days of summer, we're used to getting bitten by pesky mosquitoes at backyard BBQs, lawn concerts, or on hikes in the woods. Fortunately for those of us in the United States, we have insect repellant, citronella candles and anti-itch creams. And – aside from the itchiness that comes with the bites, we know that we won’t come down with a fever, chills, or headache – all symptoms of malaria. And, more importantly, we can be certain we won’t die from a few bites.

Unfortunately for millions of people in Africa each year, this is not the case. Today is World Mosquito Day, and on this day we want to remind everyone that anti-itch cream isn’t enough. Neither is swatting the bugs away and hoping that they won’t bite. For families in Africa, malaria kills.  To keep families in Africa safe from malaria, the buzzing needs to stop before it starts.

Of course, we know how that’s most effectively done – by sending nets and saving lives! Today for World Mosquito Day, please recognize that a bug bite isn’t just a bug bite for people in Africa. Send a net now now to prevent mosquitoes from even getting close.


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Diego Gutierrez"When I learned that malaria is deadly but preventable, I had to act."

Diego Gutierrez
Former MLS player, TV Analyst and Executive

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