Advocacy 101

What is advocacy?

Advocacy means encouraging your elected leaders to understand and take a position on an issue or cause that you care about – in the case of Nothing But Nets, that position is to support funding for life-saving efforts to fight malaria.

You can advocate in any number of ways:

  • Tweet about it! Get active on social media.
  • Make calls to your members of Congress.
  • Organize a letter-writing party.
  • Meet with your members of Congress in-person.

If you are speaking out about malaria issues in order to influence others in a positive way, you are advocating for Nothing But Nets!

What impact does my advocacy have?

You have the power to make a huge impact by encouraging your elected officials to continue funding efforts to combat malaria. The U.S. Government provides funding for malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment through two main programs: The President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) and The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Let’s look at what these two efforts have accomplished since they were launched:

  • Supported the distribution of over 490 million insecticide-treated bed nets
  • Provided life-saving treatment for over 550 million cases of malaria
  • Provided millions of rapid diagnostic tests for malaria
  • Improved proper diagnosis and treatment of malaria and strengthened additional interventions worldwide to fight the disease.

Thanks to these two programs, along with UN agencies like UNICEF and other partners in the fight against malaria, malaria death rates worldwide amongst young children declined by almost half and more than 3.3 million lives have been saved since 2000.

Your advocacy can help sustain this amazing progress.

Become an advocate in the fight against malaria today! Contact Dan Skallman, Nothing But Nets Campaign Associate, to learn more.

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