Meet with Your Members of Congress

Meet with Your Members of Congress

Meeting with your members of Congress is one of the most powerful ways you can impact the fight against malaria. Your elected leaders care about your opinion. By talking to them about the importance of defeating malaria and the need for strong U.S. leadership, you can be a positive influence in ensuring your elected officials always consider malaria a top priority.

Scheduling a meeting with your members of Congress is easier than you think. and are great resources for finding the contact information of your U.S. Senators and your Representative. Simply send an e-mail or call your Representative’s office to request a meeting with them in a district office near you. Remember! Members of Congress rely on staff to advise them on policy decisions. So even though you may not meet with your member directly, talking with Congressional office staff can have just as much impact as if you were talking to the member directly.

Click here to learn how to schedule a meeting with a Congressional office.

Need help scheduling your meeting? Contact Dan Skallman, Nothing But Nets Campaign Associate. And make sure to let us know how the meeting goes!

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