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Tweet or Facebook your members of Congress

Social media has made it easier for you to communicate with your members of Congress, and most offices have a dedicated staffer who follows Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Each member of Congress has a website that lists their contact information for Facebook and Twitter – you can find their website on Senate.gov and House.gov. Once you’ve located your elected officials’ page or handle, you can send the following tweet or post it on their Facebook page in order to encourage them to take action in the fight against malaria!

Featured social media post:

7 yrs ago a child died from #malaria every 30 seconds. Now it's every 60. You can help us keep pushing back the clock! http://bit.ly/Vo0eDl

Email your members of Congress

Click here to send an email to your members of Congress and add your voice to the fight against malaria!

Call or write your members of Congress

Click here to enter your zip code and get links to find your elected officals’ phone number and address. Unsure of what to say? Here are some tips on how to write your member of Congress, as well as some key advocacy talking points to help you along during a phone call.

Once you’ve taken action online, make sure to let us know about it! You can contact Dan Skallman, Nothing But Nets Campaign Associate.

Nyoul Tong promo“It’s easy to feel powerless to help. But malaria is not one of those issues: you and I have the power to end this preventable disease.”

Nyoul Tong
Former refugee from South Sudan

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