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Compete to Beat Malaria: Champions of Week Three

With World Malaria Day right around the corner we continue to be inspired by all of our champions and we hope they’ve inspired you too. We hope that your Compete to Beat Malaria challenges are underway – we know we’re on our way to reach our goal of 25,000 bed nets by World Malaria Day!

Compete to Beat Malaria: Champions of Week Two

As the countdown to World Malaria Day continues, we want to keep highlighting some of our most dedicated champions! We think that their stories will inspire you to Compete to Beat Malaria and help us reach our goal of 25,000 bed nets by World Malaria Day for families in need.

Banding together as Warriors in the Fight Against Malaria

What do U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee, 12 year-old Cooper Smith and NBA All-Star Steph Curry have in common? They’re all Warriors in the Fight Against Malaria! This was on full display this past Sunday at Nothing But Nets Night with the Golden State Warriors.

Bracketology for Nets

The final day of March Madness is here! We all filled out our brackets, dug out our college t-shirts, and reanimated our school spirit to watch the best of college basketball. This year, basketball star and Nothing But Nets Champion Ruth Riley found a way to match her love of college basketball with her passion to fight malaria in Africa, a leading killer of children under five. 

On World Health Day, Help Protect Others from #Just1Bite

Today, in honor of World Health Day, we are partnering with the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) to raise awareness about the serious and increasing threat of vector-borne diseases.

Compete to Beat Malaria: Champions of the Week

As we countdown to World Malaria Day on April 25, we want to recognize some of our champions and the awesome ways they’ve incorporated their passions for sports to raise awareness and send nets to save lives. This month, we want all our supporters to take a challenge and help send 25,000 bed nets by World Malaria Day. Our champions inspire us and we hope they inspire you too.

Compete to Beat Malaria!

Are you enjoying March Madness or is your bracket busted like mine? Perhaps you’ve moved on and are looking forward to the Masters Tournament or this summer’s World Cup in Brazil. If you have sports on your mind – or even if they aren’t – I have a challenge just for you. Get active this April and Compete to Beat Malaria!

Doing Good Deeds

Children everywhere are taking action in the fight against malaria. It doesn’t take a lot to make an impact on the lives of people around the world. This is particularly true in the case of Sarah Friedman, a 7th grader at Richmond Jewish Day School in British Columbia.

Sing. Dance. Create. ACT NOW! Here’s how…

One of the most important aspects of the arts is its ability to change the world. Whether we’re talking about a work of art by Picasso, a song by The Beatles, or a musical like Rent, artists are a crucial part of our society; artists are unafraid to shine a light on tough issues and really call for global change through their work.

Help Nothing But Nets Celebrate International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day on March 8 celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women around the world. Every hour of every day, UN Foundation campaigns are working to drive progress for girls and women.

The President’s Budget: Your Voice Counts!

Did you know that early every year the President submits a budget request to Congress? The President’s budget is a signal of his priorities and is his opportunity to share with Congress and the American people his thoughts on how we should invest our taxpayer dollars.

Welcome, Dan!

The Nothing but Nets team has exciting news to share! Dan Skallman recently joined our team as Campaign Associate! Dan joins us after spending last year in Mali and Senegal, where he experienced first-hand the devastating effects of malaria and how it impacts people’s lives. 

Celebrate Your Birthday with Me and Nothing But Nets

A lit birthday candle means a lot to me, since I'm so old I remember when we invented fire. Good times.I still make a wish when I blow out my candles. Sometimes they even come true. But not everyone is that lucky. Every year, more than half a million children in Africa die from malaria – that’s one child every 60 seconds. Those children didn’t have the chance to celebrate their next birthday, much less see a wish come true.

Fighting Malaria with an NBA All-star

Every day we are amazed by the work of our champions and supporters, helping send millions of life-saving nets to families in sub-Saharan Africa to prevent malaria. It also doesn’t hurt when one of the NBA’s biggest stars pledges to donate three bed nets for every three-pointer he makes.

Spread the Love on Valentine's Day

This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Friday. This means that you’ll either a) struggle to find a decent dinner reservation b) look everywhere for a halfway edible box of chocolates or c) plan ahead and make this Valentine’s Day meaningful.

Emergency Need in South Sudan

Turmoil in South Sudan has forced thousands to flee their homes and seek safety in refugee camps. As families flee from violence, they face another threat: malaria. Nothing But Nets and our United Nations partners have long worked in three camps run by the UN Refugee Agency in Maban, South Sudan, helping to reduce malaria in the camps and the nearby community.

NFTY Takes on Malaria

Did you know malaria is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito carrying the Plasmodium parasite and kills 600,000 people every year? Did you know malaria exists in 109 countries around the world, making half of the world’s population susceptible to the disease? Did you know that every 60 seconds a child dies from malaria? Neither did I.

Champion Ruth Riley Joins the Nothing But Nets Ranks

WNBA star Ruth Riley can add yet another title to her already impressive career roster. Ruth is joining the ranks of Nothing But Nets! Ruth has been a Champion since our launch in 2006, but now she’s collaborating with our team behind the scenes to help make the Team Bzzzkill experience even more exciting.

Introducing the Nothing But Nets Malaria Fellows!

Last week, the RAC and Nothing But Nets kicked off our semester long Malaria Fellowship -- in partnership with the United Nations Foundation -- for undergraduate students. We searched the country far and wide for the best candidates and narrowed it down to these ten students. Fellows are already busy building out their core group of students and generating interest on campus to help save lives from malaria through advocacy and fundraising this semester.

Have You Heard? U.S. Government Continues Strong Leadership to Fight Malaria

Great news, Team Bzzzkill! Thanks to the hard work of advocates like you across the country, Congress has agreed to continue playing a strong leadership role in the global fight against malaria.

This week, Congress passed a comprehensive spending bill that increased financial support for the President’s Malaria Initiative and The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The U.S. committed $1.65 billion to The Global Fund and $665 million to the PMI – an increase of $17 million from last year!

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