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NFTY Takes on Malaria

Did you know malaria is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito carrying the Plasmodium parasite and kills 600,000 people every year? Did you know malaria exists in 109 countries around the world, making half of the world’s population susceptible to the disease? Did you know that every 60 seconds a child dies from malaria? Neither did I.

Champion Ruth Riley Joins the Nothing But Nets Ranks

WNBA star Ruth Riley can add yet another title to her already impressive career roster. Ruth is joining the ranks of Nothing But Nets! Ruth has been a Champion since our launch in 2006, but now she’s collaborating with our team behind the scenes to help make the Team Bzzzkill experience even more exciting.

Introducing the Nothing But Nets Malaria Fellows!

Last week, the RAC and Nothing But Nets kicked off our semester long Malaria Fellowship -- in partnership with the United Nations Foundation -- for undergraduate students. We searched the country far and wide for the best candidates and narrowed it down to these ten students. Fellows are already busy building out their core group of students and generating interest on campus to help save lives from malaria through advocacy and fundraising this semester.

Have You Heard? U.S. Government Continues Strong Leadership to Fight Malaria

Great news, Team Bzzzkill! Thanks to the hard work of advocates like you across the country, Congress has agreed to continue playing a strong leadership role in the global fight against malaria.

This week, Congress passed a comprehensive spending bill that increased financial support for the President’s Malaria Initiative and The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The U.S. committed $1.65 billion to The Global Fund and $665 million to the PMI – an increase of $17 million from last year!

Top 10 Reasons to Gift a Net This Season

I’d like to offer you 10 Reasons to Gift a Net to make your holiday shopping easy and affordable

Why I donated my 9th birthday to Nothing But Nets

For my 9th birthday, I decided that I already had all that I needed – I didn’t need any more presents. After all, I have learned that what you need is very different from what you want. Believe it or not, my younger sister taught me that. For the past two years, I have helped my older sister serve meals and lemonade to Habitat for Humanity workers and gather donations for the San Antonio Food Bank. But, I have not helped do something so simple that it could save a child’s life - a child like me!

World Malaria Report 2013

Today, the World Health Organization (WHO) released the World Malaria Report 2013. It highlights major progress in reducing malaria cases and deaths worldwide.

Big News in the Fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

World headlines that outline today’s problems can sometimes seem overwhelming, but this week brought important – and positive – news. World leaders from 25 countries, as well as the European Commission, private foundations, corporations, and faith-based organizations came together to pledge more than US$12 billion over the next three years to support the work of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Kansas City Comes Together To Save Lives

It appeared to be just another Saturday morning in Kansas City, but this Saturday was different.  On this Saturday, a community came together for a cause that is near and dear to my heart: Nothing But Nets and the fight against malaria.  We organized a youth soccer tournament that engaged hundreds of community members and raised thousands of dollars to send bed nets to families in Sub-Saharan Africa.

$2,000 dollars raised, 200 nets donated, 200 lives saved

On Saturday October 9th, the Loomis Chaffee boys varsity soccer team rivaled Suffield Academy on the Pratt Turf under the lights. The increasing strength of Suffield Academy’s developing team challenged Loomis in a competitive matchup. After our previous triumph of a 3-1 win last year, we knew Suffield would put up a tough fight. Marching on the fields proudly wearing our Nothing But Nets jerseys, we were ready to play.

Mitzvah for Nets

Our champions and grassroots supporters dedicate their time, support, and voices to the fight against malaria! Because of your efforts, we are able to send life-saving bed nets to protect families in places across Sub-Saharan Africa where malaria is rampant.

No. of Malaria Cases in the U.S. hits 40-year high

Last week, the CDC released a statement announcing that the number of malaria cases in the U.S. reached a 40-year high in 2011. Nearly 2,000 people were diagnosed with malaria - a 14 percent increase since 2010.

Most cases were among U.S. residents or citizens and 69 percent of the cases were due to recent travel from Africa where malaria is common. This highlights how important it is to prevent malaria in Sub-Saharan African countries, a deadly disease that claims the life of a child every 60 seconds. We’re all connected and malaria is a global problem.

The 3 worst things that happened to malaria this month

This month, three big scientific advances were announced at the MIM Pan-African Malaria Conference. All of them are bad news for malaria. Each of these advances has the potential to strengthen the fight against malaria over the next decade and help us to eliminate this disease.

Celebrating UN Day

Happy birthday to the United Nations!

For 68 years, the UN has been working to improve the lives of people around the world. Did you know that the UN assists more than 34 million refugees and people fleeing war, famine, or persecution? It also promotes maternal health, saving the lives of 30 million women a year. And it helps the more than 370 million people in poverty around the world to live better lives.

Spiking the ball to fight malaria

This summer, a group of my friends and I raised money for Nothing But Nets while playing our favorite sport – volleyball.

I joined a recreation sand volleyball team with ten of my friends, and through the sports league ZogSports, we committed a portion of our registration fees to Nothing But Nets.

JCI Organizes Regatta to Raise Money for Nets

Junior Chamber International (JCI) knows how to raise money to save lives, and have fun doing it! 

In August, the JCI Netherlands chapter organized its third-annual regatta which raised more than $30,000 to send long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets to families in South Sudan.

Malaria & Mobile: Answering UNGA's Call to Action

"We are at a critical moment in Africa, where we can either capitalize on the successes of the past years or slide backwards,” H.E. President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania

Early this month at the UN General Assembly, a group of world leaders launched an integrated approach to fight malaria to meet the MDGs and contribute to the next set of development goals after 2015. President Kikwete’s remarks point to the great strides that have been made with regards to malaria— malarial deaths have fallen by 25% since 2000—while recognizing that disease still claims 660,000 lives per year and poses a major challenge to development.  

Girl Power: Girls Helping Girls!

Girls around the world need to stay healthy from illness such as malaria so that they can stay in school and complete their education! It’s the International Day of the Girl and for the past 11 days, our friends at Girl Up have been counting down with “11 Days of Action.” From donating a photo so a girl in Liberia can go back to school, to recording videos on Instagram or Vine in celebration of girls, there have been 11 different actions to help girls everywhere reach their full potential.

Shrinking the Malaria Map

I was recently in Sri Lanka, where I was stunned to learn that cases of malaria there have gone from 260,000 in 1999 to not one indigenous case this year. Shortly after I got back, I was thrilled to read about the successful new trials for a malaria vaccine, thanks in large part to U.S. investments through the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and the Naval Medical Research Center.

Team Bzzzkill Needs You

Every day, I feel inspired by the great work that our supporters do on behalf of Nothing But Nets.  Our campaign is on the front lines in the fight against malaria, and the efforts that you are making in the U.S. are saving lives in Africa. Our impact is big, but our formula is simple. Malaria kills. Bed nets save lives. Each $10 donation you make sends a bed net that can save a life.

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