Changing Lives

Thanks to Nothing But Nets supporters, partners and Champions helping to send nets and save lives around the world, families across Sub-Saharan Africa can sleep safe from the threat of malaria every night.

boy and father reading under a net

Every 60 seconds a child dies from malaria. It takes just $10 to send an insecticide-treated bed net and save a life. Nets protect families and kill disease-carrying mosquitoes, slowing the spread of malaria. Behind every net is a story. Hundreds of thousands of women and children around the world are stricken by malaria. Here are just a few stories about the people whose lives you’ve affected by helping support Nothing But Nets.

Meet Achol. She is a refugee from South Sudan and a mother of four. She fled her home the night her husband was killed. She traveled on foot for seven days over difficult terrain with her youngest in her arms to reach Kakuma refugee camp.

At one point along the way she was separated from her eldest daughter and has not seen her since. She worries about her son and two remaining daughters as many children in the camp have had malaria and some have even died.

Despite her exhaustion, she is among the first to line up the morning that insecticide-treated bed nets, provided by Nothing But Nets supporters, are being given out to refugee families.

She smiles big when she receives the bed nets that will protect her little ones from this deadly disease. Though many challenges remain ahead, that night Achol slept peacefully for the first time in many weeks, as she knows malaria-carrying mosquitoes will no longer touch her family.

This is Pamela. Pamela's two children and husband are her world. Her family lives in Marangu, Tanzania, at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

For years, Pamela feared that malaria might take her life—or her son’s. She had every right to worry: malaria, spread by a single mosquito bite, kills more than 1,400 children every day. She rushed her son Elihuruma, 6, to the hospital many times when he was weak from fevers caused by malaria.

When she was pregnant with Mary, a health worker gave her an insecticide-treated bed net like those provided by Nothing But Nets supporters. The volunteer patiently showed Pamela how to tuck the net under the mattress. She learned these simple nets could protect her family from malaria.

Now Pamela, her husband and children sleep beneath nets protected from deadly malaria. 18-month-old Mary happily toddles around. Elihuruma sings in the children's choir and doesn't miss a day of school. And Pamela is strong enough to tend her chickens and goats. A simple net changed this family's future.

Meet Edouard. Edouard is a husband, father of four, and a refugee from the Central African Republic living in Dosseye refugee camp in Chad.

Now 59, Edouard has endured 200 bouts of malaria—and its backaches, headaches, and dangerous fevers. He considers himself lucky to be alive. But he can't bear to see his children battle this disease. His voice wavers as he recalls rushing his little daughter to the hospital with severe malaria, terrified she would die. Malaria is a leading cause of death for children in refugee camps across Africa.

"Malaria also prevents my kids from attending school regularly and improving their skills,” he explains. “Malaria makes us poorer because when I have malaria, I cannot go to work."

But a simple insecticide-treated bed net provided by Nothing But Nets supporters protects Edouard's family and other refugee families from getting malaria while they sleep.

"When we use nets, we don’t get bitten by mosquitoes,” he says. “After the net distribution here, there was a change, we noticed a drop in malaria. I’m so glad I received a net."

Ruth Riley “…Saving lives is not only a worthy cause in itself, but people can also have a lot of fun in the process!!”

Ruth Riley

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