MLS WORKS is Major League Soccer's community outreach initiative dedicated to addressing important social issues and serves as a platform for League and club philanthropic programs. MLS WORKS seeks to establish Major League Soccer as a leader for improving the lives of people through sport.

Major League Soccer continues to help fight malaria

Now in the fifth year of our partnership with the UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign, MLS WORKS  will engage MLS players, clubs and fans throughout the League to help achieve the global goal to end malaria deaths by 2015.

Send A Net. Save A Life.

MLS fans throughout the League have helped save millions of lives by sending bed nets, but the fight against malaria isn’t over. Continue to show your support by donating to the MLS NETraiser Team to help us send more life-saving nets to protect families in Africa. The solution is easy…it costs $10, less than the cost of a soccer ball, to purchase a net, deliver it to a family, and educate communities on its use. Send a net. Save a life. DONATE NOW!

MLS WORKS is extremely proud to partner with the United Nations Foundation's Nothing But Nets campaign. Nothing But Nets is a global, grassroots campaign to save lives by preventing malaria. Every year 200 million people are infected with malaria, and 600,000 of those infected die from the disease most of whom are children under 5 years-old. In Africa, a child dies every 60 seconds from malaria. Long lasting insecticide-treated bed nets (LLINs) can lower malaria transmission by up to 90 percent. A donation of $10 to Nothing But Nets covers the cost of purchasing a bed net, distributing it and educating communities on its use.

Thank you for supporting MLS WORKS and the Nothing But Nets campaign.

The solution is easy...SEND A NET, SAVE A LIFE!

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Diego Gutierrez"When I learned that malaria is deadly but preventable, I had to act."

Diego Gutierrez
Former MLS player, TV Analyst and Executive

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