To prevent malaria and save lives in Africa, as well as help American homeowners reclaim their yards, Orkin launched a campaign to Fight the Bite of the mosquito and wage war on this disease-carrying pest! Funds raised go directly to Nothing But Nets™ to purchase, distribute and educate recipients on the proper use of bed nets.

Help Orkin Fight the Bite and make a donation today!  By donating to Orkin’s NET-Raiser team your gift will count towards Orkin’s goal.

See how we're doing in the fight against malaria:

Our 2008 fundraising goal:  $100,000
Our 2008 fundraising total: $135,000 (GOAL ACHIEVED!)

Our 2009 fundraising goal:  $150,000
Our 2009 fundraising total: $218,000 (GOAL ACHIEVED!)

Our 2010 fundraising goal:  $225,000

To learn more about Orkin, visit http://nets.orkin.com

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Bertolt Daems “…It’s important that people know that we can do quite easy things to make a big difference in a person’s life.”

Bertolt Daems
JCI Immediate Past President

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