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As a founding partner of Nothing But Nets The United Methodist Church have been fighting to end malaria since 2006. For 7 years, The United Methodist Church have built this grassroots movement to end malaria, resulting in millions of bed nets sent to families in need in sub-Saharan Africa. Together we have made amazing progress against the disease, but malaria still kills a child every 60 seconds.  Just $10 buys a bed net, distributes it to a family and provides education on how to use it.

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Individuals, congregations, and conferences across the country have sent thousands of bed nets to protect families in Africa through Nothing But Nets.

Lynda and Katherine Commale of Hopewell United Methodist Church in Downingtown, Pa have raised over $180,000 for Nothing But Nets.  You can read more about their story here.

A group of 12 teens between the ages of 14 and 18 from First United Methodist Church — Jacksonville fundraised for 2 years to donate nearly $40,000 to send nets and save lives. 

Countless others are joining the fight against malaria—you can too!

Churches can give to Nothing But Nets by means of The Advance The goal is to raise funds to eradicate malaria in Africa, where the mosquito-borne disease causes the death of one-fifth of all children under 5 years old. The gifts through the Advance will help the people of the United Methodist Church participate in this life saving malaria program. 

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Bertolt Daems “…It’s important that people know that we can do quite easy things to make a big difference in a person’s life.”

Bertolt Daems
JCI Immediate Past President

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