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Angie Keiser
July 16, 2016

Nothing But Love for Nothing But Nets

Bring me a solution.

If Mayhem had a nickel for every time she’s heard that from us … she’d have a LOT of nickels. Because we want her to not just tell us about her problems (or expect us to resolve them), but rather, have her tell us a way it could be fixed.

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Dana McLaughlin
June 28, 2016

Mix Diskerud Teams Up with Nothing But Nets to put a Lid on Malaria

We're so excited to announce a new Champion in the fight against malaria - NYC FC soccer star Mix Diskerud!

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Nothing But Nets Team
June 21, 2016

Dawes Releases Exclusive Track for Fans who Join Fight against Malaria

We're excited to announce that our partner and champion Dawes has released an exclusive track - just for Nothing But Nets supporters and champions in the fight to end malaria!

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Anthony Tolliver
June 14, 2016

NBA Star Anthony Tolliver Believes No Child Should Die From a Mosquito Bite

I have been a professional athlete for years now, but nothing has been more important to me than making sure I inspire the next generation of children to know that they have the power to make a difference in the world.

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Reverend Thon Chol
June 13, 2016

From One Refugee to Many Others: You Have Not Been Forgotten

I grew up as a child in a refugee camp. In the camp you are not just a child refugee, but a child to the world. Growing up, many people were caring for me — people I didn’t know. They came in the form of donations, in the form of treatment, in the form of psychotherapy.

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Nia Long
June 09, 2016

Actress Nia Long Takes A Stand for Healthy, Safe Children

I grew up in South Central Los Angeles and I remember what it was like to feel unsafe. Often times I would come home from school to an empty house. My mother was a single mom, a city bus driver, and worked late hours.

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Rachel Henderson
June 08, 2016

Welcoming New Nothing But Nets Director Margaret McDonnell

The United Nations Foundation and the Nothing But Nets team are thrilled to announce the appointment of Margaret Reilly McDonnell as Director of its Nothing But Nets campaign.

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Chris Helfrich
June 03, 2016

Thank you for five incredible years

It's hard for me to put into words how much I love the Nothing But Nets campaign. 

Therefore, it's bittersweet for me to share the news with you that I’m leaving the United Nations Foundation's Nothing But Nets team after more than five years as Director of the campaign for an exciting new opportunity. 

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Dana McLaughlin
June 01, 2016

Send Nets. Save Lives. Donate Photos.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but 10 pictures are worth a life-saving bed net and the Johnson & Johnson Donate a Photo app is the easiest way to join Nothing But Nets in the fight to end malaria.

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Patty Sanchez Bao
May 26, 2016

Spotlighting Malaria Elimination Efforts in the Americas

Next week, the Nothing But Nets team is traveling to the island of Hispaniola—composed of Haiti and the Dominican Republic—to spotlight the efforts of UN and U.S. partners in the fight to eliminate malaria from these countries and from the broader region of the Americas.

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