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Dan Skallman
November 27, 2017

Leading the fight against insecticide resistance

Bed nets have been—and continue to be—one of the most crucial factors in this progress, helping to prevent millions of new malaria cases and dramatically reducing deaths, particularly among young children. Despite these successes, however, the mosquitos that transmit malaria are very clever, continually adapting to the new tools and technologies rolled out to combat them. An emerging challenge currently facing the global malaria community is insecticide resistance, meaning that in certain parts of the world, these mosquitos are becoming less susceptible to the insecticides designed to kill them and to interrupt transmission of the parasite.

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Rachel Henderson
March 09, 2017

Experience Life “Under the Net”: A Virtual Reality Film by Nothing But Nets

Today, we are thrilled to officially release our very first virtual reality film, titled “Under the Net.” The film is premiering at the Cinequest Film and VR Festival and it has been named Best VR Documentary.

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Margaret Reilly McDonnell
January 21, 2017

Mission Accomplished! Celebrating the Achievement of the Million Nets Pledge

Over the past two years, Nothing But Nets and our UN partners have been busy protecting lives from malaria throughout sub-Saharan Africa. And we have exciting news to share! 

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Kathy Calvin
November 28, 2016

Building a Movement to Fight Malaria

Around the world, people are hungry for change – and they don’t want to be on the sidelines watching it happen; they want to be the ones making it happen. No longer are people passive check writers; they are active change makers.

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Nothing But Nets Team
November 10, 2016

In Celebration of 10 Years

It all started with an article in Sports Illustrated written by our co-founder, Rick Reilly. Now, we celebrate the 10th year of that article and of our work to protect children, families, and refugees from malaria.

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Chip Huber
April 22, 2016

A Night at the Palace: A World Malaria Day Reflection

I am especially proud to support athletes like Anthony Tolliver and Steve Blake who are raising awareness about a preventable disease like malaria, by donating bed nets for their basketball shots. In addition, Nothing But Nets was honoring my work in leading the Night of Nets program at Cornerstone University on court, ahead of the game.

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Chris Helfrich
January 15, 2015

Take Action in 2015

2015 is a monumental year in the fight against malaria. This year, leaders from the United Nations are debating a new set of world goals for the next 15 years – and we hope that ending malaria will be part of these goals.

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Chris Helfrich
November 19, 2014

Ten Reasons to Add Nets to your Holiday Wish List

This holiday season, consider asking your friends and family to Gift a Net on your behalf! Why should your loved ones Gift a Net with Nothing But Nets?  Check out and share these 10 reasons:

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