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Emile Dawisha
July 18, 2019

Partner Spotlight: Parachute Home

Six years ago, Ariel Kaye had a bold business idea that would disrupt the bedding industry: To create a premium bed sheet brand that was high quality, direct-to-consumer and socially conscious. When Ariel launched Parachute in 2014, she partnered with Nothing But Nets to donate a bed net – ‘a safe night’s sleep’ – for every purchase of their signature Venice bedding set.

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Emile Dawisha
April 22, 2019

Syngenta + Nothing But Nets' work in Hispanola

Syngenta, one of the world’s leading agriculture companies and malaria-control innovators, has joined the global fight to wipe out malaria from the island of Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic).

Here's how Syngenta joined Nothing But Nets and Malaria Zero to protect more than 20,000 Haitian households through indoor insecticide spraying.

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Jonathan Kidwell
April 20, 2019

Partner Spotlight: Cotopaxi

One of Nothing But Nets amazing corporate partners is Cotopaxi, an outdoor brand with many distinctive elements: multi-colored backpacks, llama-wool insulated jackets, and 24-hour urban scavenger hunt events, to name a few. But Cotopaxi is also giving back in a big way. 

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NBN Staff
February 21, 2019


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Emile Dawisha
January 09, 2019

Using Technology to Eliminate Malaria with Digicel

Haiti’s largest telecommunications provider has joined the global fight to wipe out malaria on the island of Hispaniola! Here's how. 

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Emile Dawisha
December 26, 2018

Al Ansari Exchange has donated more than $1.4 million to Nothing But Nets!

Few companies worldwide have made a greater impact on the fight against malaria than the Al Ansari Exchange. The UAE-based foreign exchange and money transfer company has donated more than $1.4 million to a variety of Nothing But Nets initiatives.

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Margaret Reilly McDonnell
December 18, 2018

2018 World Malaria Report: The Takeaways

The global malaria community has been at a crossroads in 2017 – while more countries than ever are approaching elimination, many countries have seen malaria cases increase, or stay flat compared to last year.

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Dana McLaughlin
November 30, 2018

Why we 🧡 our UN partners

Nothing But Nets has worked in partnership with UNHCR to distribute over 2 million bed nets to refugee settlements throughout Africa, often in rapid-response after a mass migration has occurred.

Our UN partners are vital to our work and to the work the global malaria community does to end this disease. 

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Jonathan Kidwell
November 09, 2018

Why we love 🧡 our corporate partners

We rely on our corporate partners whose commitment and creative fundraising engagements make it possible for us to provide bed nets for families that are desperate for a safe night’s sleep.

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Jacci Guy
October 23, 2018

How UN Partners Make Our Work Possible

Nothing But Nets recently visited Southeast Asia to better understand how countries like Thailand and Bangladesh are fighting malaria. While there, we got to see the amazing work of UN agencies like UNHCR and UNICEF.  

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