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For every Venice Set purchased, Parachute Home donates a life-saving malaria bed net through Nothing But Nets.


Summit Coffee

For each bag of Buzz Blend sold, Summit Coffee will donate $10 directly to Nothing But Nets, which fully funds one bed net delivered to a family in need in sub-Saharan Africa. Buzz Blend is sourced from Kenya, one of Nothing But Nets’ focus countries for 2017.



Cotopaxi products are sourced from fair, sustainable working conditions. Their products are guaranteed to last 61 years—the average lifespan of a person living in the developing world. Each year, they provide targeted grants to nonprofits, including Nothing But Nets.



Watch. Give. Get! In just five minutes a day you can donate to Nothing But Nets for free and also be entered into daily cash giveaways. 


Charity Miles

Move with purpose. With the Charity Miles app you can donate to Nothing But Nets for free on your walk, jog, or bike ride! 


Donate a Photo

Take a photo, make an impact. For every photo you share through the Donate a Photo app, Johnson & Johnson gives US$1 to a cause you care about.

GIANT Microbes

GIANTmicrobes sells plush organisms and cells, only a million times actual size! 10% of the proceeds from their malaria plush will be donated to Nothing But Nets.

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